Go find 5 good physical sunscreens for Asian girlfriend skin

Using physical sunscreen both protects your skin and contributes to better protection of your surroundings. And that is also the "new trend" that is warmly welcomed by Asian girls.

With a tropical climate as sunny as Vietnam, it's hard for you to "boycott" sunscreen from your own skincare world.

Because no matter how thorough and good you take care of your skin, the step of protecting your skin from the sun is always appreciated. Otherwise, your whole skincare process will "pour the river into the sea" tomorrow. So, what is missing, do not lack sunscreen!

However, with the "fertile" cosmetic market today, it must be that girls who are familiar with sunscreen for the first time, will be quite confused when choosing products. Whether between physical and chemical sunscreens, which one should I use? And is this sunscreen product good for Asian skin, not even dangerous for coral reefs?
Don't worry! Everything you wonder will be Mai Han cosmetics
"decipher" right here.

Depending on the type of skin, Asian girls will choose the right sunscreen products for themselves. Because whether physical or chemical sunscreens, they have their own disadvantages that compensate for each other.

However, we still encourage Asian girls to use physical sunscreen, as it is suitable for most skin types, easy to use and good for Asian skin, especially those with skin that teaches colds will not irritate the skin. In particular, the composition of the cream is very environmentally friendly, does not harm coral reefs.

And to make it easier for you to find sunscreen products that are good for the skin, Mai Han cosmetics will "suggest" you 3 types of physical sunscreens that are good for Asian skin, favored and trusted by many women during recent times.

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